Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Freude hört nie auf

You saw the beaches of the Cote d' Azure and Capri at sunrise,
you know Paris and Berlin by night,
you seduced the most beautiful women and brought them back home safe, wherever that was,
you visited Rome, Venice, Florence and Prague,
you know every excellent Restaurant in the Bretagne, and even the best Espresso by the Autobahn,
you know where the best hotels are - and sometimes you were even one by yourself,
you passed the most beautiful bends and the fastest straights,
you impressed my lads, though i never even let them drive,
we had plenty of experiences - in the last 6months.

i love that Video, mostly because of the excellent shots of the 2002tii. This very special car had its initial registration in 2006. It was built by some guys at Mobile Tradition, who wanted to build a whole new car from scratch with all the parts still availible through Mobile Tradition.
They did that in the famous "glass workshop" where they now repeat the thing with an E12 5-Series.

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